“This morning we received emails from companies that thought they could join. The answer is no and that’s a pity.” The disappointment is dripping from director Herman Idema of Ondernemend Emmen, representative of Emmer business parks. This morning Idema also heard the news that the power grid in Drenthe is overcrowded. For new companies, this means that it will be difficult to establish. For existing companies that want to expand, for example. The plug can be plugged into the socket, but it will have to wait until power is restored, according to grid managers Tennet and Enexis.

    Idema is disappointed, because Emmen also has the ambition to make the switch from gas to electric as soon as possible. The war in Ukraine has only fueled that trend. “But now that sustainability drive cannot continue. Many entrepreneurs want to invest in solar panels on their roofs.”

    But if you can’t return it, it’s pointless, says the director. While benefiting. “Large companies that focus on sustainability ultimately feel that in their wallets. But now it looks like the network will be locked for the next three years.”

    Idema is somewhat positive about the idea of ​​’avoiding rush hour’. In that case, companies receive compensation if they do not use the grid at peak times. The plan should help to create extra space on the network. Idema hopes that in that scenario the regional business community will literally and figuratively allow each other space on the power grid.

    Idema: “We can’t change the situation now: we will have to work it out together. But we are all Drenthes, so in terms of noabership, it should work out.”

    Idema hopes that solutions will be offered to large consumers. “Because they are mainly the victims. We may be able to place some sea containers with large batteries in order to provide sufficient power.” The industry is very important for BV Nederland, says Idema. “But we can also go to the moon, so I expect that we will also get out of here.”