Entrepreneur Rustam is opening a new bicycle shop at this location in the old center

After years of experience at a bicycle shop in Noordwijk, Rustam Alkhasov from Valkenburg ZH thought it was time for his own company. Soon he will open his bicycle shop near the Dorpsstraat.

In the former building of Van Herk Makelaardij on the Eerste Stationsstraat we will soon be able to find new and second-hand bicycles, rental bicycles, repairs and maintenance.

Next to the car park

Under the name R Tweewielers, Rustam will open the new bicycle shop on Saturday 28 January. You will find the store right next to the parking lot on the Pilatusdam. Handy if you want to bring your bike with a flat tire or a rusted chain by car.

Shop and workshop

In the small building you will find all kinds of bicycle models in the shopping area: from mountain bike to city bike and from electric bike to two-wheelers. Rustam has set up a small workshop at the side of the business where he has room for two bicycles for repair. If you want to have your bicycle serviced or repaired, it is useful to make an appointment or ask if there is room.

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R Two-wheelers. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer

Only half an hour away

Rustam gets help from a friend who takes up repairs. “I had been looking for a suitable space for my own business for some time,” says Rustam. “A friend tipped me off about this space and I was immediately enthusiastic. Every day I come from Valkenburg to Zoetermeer. It’s only a half hour drive, so that’s not too bad.”

R Tweewielers opens Saturday 28 January at 09:00.

R Two-wheelers

First Stationsstraat 3A, 2712 HA Zoetermeer

Now closed

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