Entire apartment building in Blankenberge uninhabitable after contractor breaks through facade: “Looking for a solution for affected residents” | Blankenberge

UpdateAn entire apartment building in Blankenberge has been declared uninhabitable. This happened when a contractor went straight through the facade during the demolition work of an adjacent building. The damage was considerable, but no injuries were reported. Initially there was talk of four floors, but it turned out that the entire building had suffered too much damage. It concerns ten floors.

It was a bit of a shock for both the contractor and local residents. The demolition work on a building on the corner of Zeedijk and Verstraetehelling did not go entirely as planned. At the rear of the building, the first four floors initially suffered damage after the demolition works of an old adjacent building went wrong. The contractor accidentally went through the facade of the second building. To such an extent that the floors were declared uninhabitable. During the afternoon the damage appeared to be even greater and the entire building was declared uninhabitable. All together about 10 floors.

The police arrived on the scene and the yard was logically shut down. “We have notified the Urban Planning Department to help make the necessary findings,” says Commissioner Jan Maertens of the Blankenberge/Zuienkerke police zone. “The damage is significant. The building is temporarily uninhabitable.” This is not illogical if you look at the damage. There are several cracks and even a complete hole in the rear facade. We are now looking further into what went wrong. An old construction error may be the cause, although this will be examined further. The Verstraete slope will remain completely closed, although this was already the case during the demolition works.

These are mainly holiday homes, although there are also two permanent residents. It is not yet clear when he can return home. The rear facade will now be propped up pending repair work.

Blankenberge – The damage to the facade is considerable. © Mathias Mariën

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