Enthusiastic celebration in the locker room after the derby win from Fenerbahçe! watch the video

While Fenerbahçe defeated Beşiktaş with a score of 3-1 in the derby in the 15th week of the Trendyol Super League, the yellow-dark blue team celebrated the victory with enthusiasm in the dressing room. Here are those images…

In the 15th week of the Trendyol Super League, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe faced each other in the giant derby at the Tüpraş Stadium.

İsmail Kartal’s team won the match, which football fans were eagerly waiting for, 3-1.

Fenerbahçe, who won against its arch-rival at Tüpraş Stadium after 9 years, was marked by images of joy at the end of the match.

Yellow-dark blue football players celebrated their derby victory to the fullest.