Enrique Iglesias reveals: The next album will be the last

Enrique Iglesias will release his last album early next year.

Enrique Iglesias is currently touring the US with Ricky Martin and Pitbull. imago sport, AOP

Singer Enrique Iglesias reveals Today-news site that he will release his last album next year. The last album bears the name Final (Vol. 2)and is a sequel to the one released in 2021 Final (Vol. 1) for the album.

Iglesias says that the album is already ready. It is scheduled for release in February 2024.

– It is completely ready. I want to shoot one or two videos right before the second leg of the tour and release it, says Iglesias.

– I have been working on this album for several years. For me, it’s always been my last album. I don’t make albums anymore.

Iglesias notes that that doesn’t mean he won’t pursue his career in music in other ways. He says that he plans to release some singles in the future as well.

Today, 48-year-old Iglesias has been making his career since the mid-1990s. His first album Enrique Iglesias was released in 1995, and it made the Spanish singer world famous in one fell swoop. Already the first release brought him a Grammy award for the best pop performance.

His most famous songs include, among others Hero, Bailando, Tired of Being Sorry and I Like It.

Iglesias says that from the beginning, he has enjoyed being able to be close to his fans. He has a habit of asking people from the audience to come on stage with him during his performances. He says he enjoys seeing his fans’ reactions.

– Some freeze, some go completely crazy and jump up and down, says Iglesias.

– When you’re in the arena with thousands of people, I think you can make a good serenade by focusing on one person. There are moments when you see someone who captivates, it can be a movement or an expression on their face.

Iglesias is currently Ricky Martin’s and with Pitbull on a tour that continues until March 2024.