Energy bill for average household 323 euros lower this year | Economy

The energy bill of an average household will be 323 euros lower this year. Two-thirds of this decrease is due to the decreased prices for electricity and natural gas, the rest of the decrease is due to our economical behavior.

This is reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics. An average household – based on variable energy prices in January – will spend 2,363 euros on electricity and gas this year. That is 12 percent less than last year, when the price ceiling was still in force.

Energy prices have now fallen far below that price ceiling. And that translates into the amount of the bill. Gas in particular has fallen in price.

Not all parts of the energy bill will be lower in price in January 2024 than a year earlier. To encourage the energy transition, the energy tax on gas has increased, while that on electricity has decreased. The higher tax on gas caused the average energy bill to be 127 euros higher, the decrease in electricity was 41 euros.

The amount a household spends on its energy bill varies greatly from household to household. How many people live in a house, the insulation and heating behavior have a major influence on energy consumption. A family in an old detached villa spends an average of almost 4,000 euros on energy annually, while a single person in a new small apartment spends an average of 1,400 euros.

Earlier this week, CBS already reported this The Netherlands continues to consume less natural gas. In 2023, 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be burned. That is 5 percent less than in 2022. Households in particular are being economical and consumed 11 percent less natural gas last year than in 2022, even though the winters were comparable.