End of pony rides in Drouwenerzand amusement park

Attractiepark Drouwenerzand stops the pony rides it offered for ten years. In recent days, the fences and the small building belonging to the attraction have already been demolished. For a moment and only the bare strip in the grass reminds of the ponies in the park.

Despite the fact that owner Bert van der Linde made the decision to stop himself, he is not comfortable. “It is a very nice attraction, because you are a bit special. Many parks no longer had that, perhaps for the same reason. But it will end once and that is the case now.”

According to Van der Linde, the Shetland ponies were well cared for. Nevertheless, employees received many questions about, for example, rest periods and the health of the animals.

“I also understand when the park is busy and those ponies are walking here and that goes on and on, that people ask ‘what are we doing?'” He lists a number of measures. “We only do it for a few hours a day. Not every day, but on Wednesdays and weekends. We also had a double pair, so you can switch. And a scale, so you can weigh the children first before they go on.”

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