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I take advantage of this space to thank Martín González who gave us his spectacular photographic material to accompany the self-knowledge Seminar that we will soon launch in the Consultancy and this wonderful photo that we chose as the cover.

Let us remember that in December I spoke about empiricism, in January about rationalism and this month I am interested in uniting both schools of thought to show that everyday life is more enriching. I always speak from my own experience, so I intend to mention some examples so that the concept is understood and I invite you to analyze the areas of your life where you see that there is also this bridge between criteria or perhaps the lack that makes you do so to improve. the quality of their experiences. In my case, I have carried out the following activities that you can see in the photos at the end:

  • Writing: Writing articles for magazines like the one you are reading, where my purpose is to promote awareness raising and share useful information for people interested in achieving their various objectives (financial and personal), I also dedicated myself to writing the book “Shining with the Sun” with personal examples and practical exercises for resolving various conflicts that can be purchased from Amazon in fifty countries, three formats (audio, digital and physical) and two languages ​​(Spanish and English).
  • Drawing: Emotionally it helped me overcome the death of my only childhood dog and artistically I learned perspective techniques that were closely linked to mathematics that I later formalized.
  • Composition: I write lyrics to songs that my husband puts to music, to produce together, which they then view as video clips on my YouTube channel. “Cynthia del Sol” and that you can listen to on our artist profile with the same name on Spotify.
  • Voice over: My program “La Brújula” simultaneously entertains me and serves as a work tool.
  • Scientific research: Formalization of theories that sooner or later I put into practice and contribute to individual/social progress.
  • Travel: From touring each Argentine province to visiting different foreign countries, it allows us to strengthen our commitment to our native country and have the opportunity to incorporate other cultures and traditions that open our minds.

In this month of love, do you recognize the aspects of your existence that you want to improve? Tell me through my networks and I will guide you along the way.

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