The relief at Dirk Snip was great. The organizer of the World Championship three cushion for juniors in Heerhugowaard saw the event postponed three times, but the time had finally come. “We want to create the same atmosphere for the juniors as for the professionals,” says Snip.

    In the hotel Heer Hugo it was a pleasure to enjoy top billiards for nine days. Of The Night of the Ballsthe World Championships for women and the World Championships for juniors could indulge themselves.

    International allure

    The registration of the event was in the hands of a special camera crew from South Korea. Commissioned by the world billiard federation UMB, they provided the livestream that was broadcast in South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. “They arrived at Schiphol with 35 suitcases,” says Snip, laughing behind the scenes. “I drove to Schiphol with my trailer and had an argument with three enforcers.”


    It was also an emotional weekend for Snip. On Sunday he spoke to the people for a while and then it filled up. “That says a lot about me and how I experienced it,” responds Snip.

    The 16-year-old Burak Hashas was much too strong for the Greek Dimitrios Seleventas in the final. With the 35-10 victory, the Turkish three cushion player seized the junior world title and ended nine days of top billiards in Heerhugowaard.