Emoji 15.1: New themes announced for Apple and Android

The right emoji often says more than a thousand words. The small pictograms simply never go out of style – certainly because new ones are always being developed. With version Emoji 15.1, further momentum has been announced for the beginning of 2024.

As a non-profit organization, the Unicode Consortium is responsible, among other things, for the standardization of digital communication. In this function, it sets a specific code for the characters of each language (this explains the name “Unicode”) so that they can be displayed uniformly everywhere. Emojis are also within the scope of the Unicode Consortium. It has currently approved a whole range of new motifs, and they should soon be available for Android and iOS with the Emoji 15.1 update.

Emoji 15.1 with 118 new features

Like the organization on theirs X profile (formerly Twitter) announced that Unicode version 15.1 will contain around 118 new features. However, 108 of them are said to be “variants of existing emojis”.

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The employees at the online reference work “Emojipedia“We took a closer look at the whole thing. There are only ten motifs that are really “new” in Update 15.1: a phoenix and a shaking head emoji, next to it an iron chain broken in the middle and a lime and a mushroom with a brown color; Before there was only a lemon and a red and white spotted toadstool. In addition, in the future it will be possible to depict families of up to four using individual emojis.

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New variants of existing emojis

By “variants of existing emojis” Unicode means variations of the different person emojis in its post. If they are not standing, they currently walk, kneel or drive their wheelchair to the left. With the introduction of version 15.1, they should also be able to move or tilt to the right in the future. Even with the expansions, the person emojis should be available as usual with different skin colors and genders. According to “Emojipedia,” that quickly makes 108 innovations.

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Last emoji update not long ago

The last emoji update came on the occasion of World Emoji Day last June, and with version 15.0 came the animated emojis that Google had previously announced many times. In addition, it also brought new motifs of simple, i.e. non-moving emojis to the smartphone. This included the “Shaking Face” emoji, which appears to be shaking its face, as well as a few new animal and vegetable symbols.