Emmer district Angelslo will have a brand new community center in 2025

If everything goes according to plan, the Emmer Angelslo district will have one community center richer by the end of 2025. Today the signatures were placed between the municipality of Emmen, the Wijkcentrum Angelslo foundation and Aldi. The German big grocer also comes to the building.

The new community center will replace the location along Statenweg. According to councilor René van der Weide of the municipality of Emmen, the current community center is very outdated and outdated. “The energy costs are unsustainable and new construction has been a strong wish for this important facility for Angelslo for years.”

The Angelslo District Center Foundation is very happy with it, says chairman Jan de Boer: “Now that the agreement has been signed and the permit has been applied for, we can look at concrete steps. We hope that the old building can be demolished in the first half of 2024 and that new construction can start after the summer of 2024.”

Aldi has wanted a larger location for years. This will be possible with the current plans, according to Aldi property manager Justin Tans: “As far as we are concerned, it is truly a win-win situation.”

Last year it was announced that the community center, previously known as De Marke and De Cluft, will make way for a brand new two-storey building. The largest part of the ground floor will become the new home of ALDI. The supermarket chain is now located a few hundred meters away at the Peyserhof. The remaining space in the building, including the top floor, will be added to the new community center.