“You had a turbulent relationship, with a lot of hassle,” the police judge told a 25-year-old man from Emmen who was on trial for stalking and assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her daughter. The toddler had a deep tooth print of her stepfather on her arm for days.

    The woman ended the relationship in April, which had lasted 2.5 years. “A child has been born, a marriage proposal has been made. And now we are here. Sad that it has come to this,” said the public prosecutor. She demanded a community service order of 180 hours and a suspended prison sentence of four months for the assault and the assaults. After the breakup, the woman was bombarded with phone calls, things in her garden were destroyed, her television was logged on via YouTube and her car was covered in urine.

    She went to the police in May. Officers urged the man to stop this behaviour. The 25-year-old denied harassing the woman. Local residents, however, saw the man frequently at her home. In the man’s car was a SIM card that had been used to call the woman’s mobile number. “Someone else must have put that in the car,” the man told the judge. The officers also found a bottle of urine in his car. “I was in dire need once,” said the man.

    He also denied that he had bitten the child’s wrist. “The dog must have done that,” the man first told the officers. The bite wound matched the suspect’s teeth. The judge confronted the man about this. The resident of Emmen subsequently admitted that he had bitten the child. The judge followed the prosecutor in the demand and also imposed a location and contact ban on the man. He must jointly pay the victims compensation of 3,800 euros.