Emilio Pérsico: “The political class thinks about how to fish within the registered economy”

“The political class thinks about reform, about how to fish within the registered economy, but they let the unregistered economy function without any type of regulation. That is the main cause of poverty and why Milei won,” he reflected. Emilio Persico. The leader of the Evita Movement detaches himself from the management of Sergio Massa and Alberto Fernández after the defeat of Union for the Homeland. And he sets a motto that is similar to Milei’s “they don’t see her”: “they don’t see us”

“There is a phrase that we coin, and that is that they listen to us, but they don’t see us. For politics this phenomenon does not exist and a self-criticism“, said Pérsico in dialogue with El Disparador (Delta 90.3), highlighting that despite the weight he had in the previous government, his space being one of the main beneficiaries of social aid, he was not listened to.

Unlike the unions, which had a better arrival with the former candidate for president of Unión por la Patria, a space that today appears without clear leaders. “We are in a difficult political situation. Javier Milei is a product of political errors. We have had governments of different political stripes and we have not been able to resolve the underlying problems,” said Pérsico, who today does not find interlocutors in the new management.

Sandra Petovello said she wanted to meet with her colleagues that they were hungry, but instead of doing that, he decided to go to a meeting with intermediaries. It is seen that he chooses few intermediaries because he gives money indiscriminately to an organization. There were 4 food programs and this government annulled them all, they are inoperative,” he criticized.

“It is difficult to explain why a government makes an adjustment of this magnitude and suspends a right that already existed. I think it’s because of inexperience of not knowing the State and not knowing where the buttons are. All of us who are part of UTEP together with Cáritas have requested meetings with Petovello, and he suspended it twice when he found out that we were going to go with Cáritas,” he remarked.

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