The victim was Jani Nyman.

    Emil Johansson has been part of Sport’s number one team. Jaakko Stenroos/AOP

    Sport, which is third last in the SM league, experienced a setback. The league assigned a Swedish defender to the team by Emil Johansson banned for five games for a tackle to the head.

    Johansson tackled the home team in the third period of the Ilves match in Tampere on Saturday Jani Nymania in the middle area.

    According to the decision of the league’s disciplinary delegation, Taklaus will be the first to target Nyman’s head.

    – The disciplinary delegation states that Johansson has time to observe the development of the game situation, Nyman’s playing position and the fact that Nyman has had time to pass the puck away before the tackle, the decision says.

    Johansson will be allowed to play next on December 9, when Sport faces KooKoo.