Emanuela Fanelli is the Licozzi Agent of Una pezza di Lundini 3

AND a star was born, but not since the day before yesterday. Emanuela Fanelli, female face of A piece of Lundini – from tonight at 11.30 on Rai 2 with the new season -, he is one of the new bright faces of Italian comedy. In the cast since debut in 2020the Roman actress brings on stage a new language, different from what the public is used to. And he does it with skill and intelligence.

In the program he found the right place to emerge and assert himself, interpreting a surreal Miss Good evening and an actress on the hunt for popularity. Confident and unsure of her talent, playing with self-irony.

Emanuela Fanelli and Valerio Lundini in the new season of “Una pezza di Lundini”, on Rai 2.

From Afoot scarzi to Simonetta

In the first season it was the deus ex machina Of On foot scarzi, a sarcastic reinterpretation of the excess of Romanism in Italian cinema. In the second he gave birth to Simonetta, Magnani’s make-up artista brilliant parody of Rai fiction sometimes imbued with do-gooders and little correspondence with reality, much appreciated on social networks.

Now come back with a new character. A policewomanwhich in the hard fight with the underworld, carries on another difficult battle: gender inequality. So, all the rhetoric about the importance of giving women the right weight and the just recognition not in substancebut in the form.

Emanuela Fanelli who is a comic actress a piece of lundini

Emanuela Fanelli on the red carpet of the Serial Awards. (IPA)

Emanuela Fanelli is Licozzi’s Choice Agent

In A piece of Lundini 3 Emanuela is the Choice Agent Marilena Licozzi. A woman convinced of her positions, who demands respect from her male colleagues and who makes the male fight her life goal (the term “agent” is not a coincidence, in fact). At least until it all ends with tarallucci and wine, as often happens when important issues are abused, risking to trivialize them.

Born in 1986Fanelli has a long apprenticeship behind her, which began with the theater and which saw her pass with ease from cinema to television and vice versa.

On the big screen it debuted in 2015 with movies Do not be naughty And The last will be lastwhich followed Solo, Blissful ignorance, The family home, Unarmed hand, Good girls. On TV, however, she was in the cast of Girls’ TV – The States General And Jokes?.

Emanuela Fanelli with Valerio Lundini in the new season of Una pezza di Lundini. (IPA)

A past as a kindergarten teacher

Despite a career in show business, the Roman actress has always kept her feet firmly planted on the ground. For ten years she worked as a kindergarten teacher, a profession that has allowed her not to lose touch with reality. “Having done another jobwhich I liked a lot even though it wasn’t the dream, it helps me why I think I can be happy in another wayHe said in the podcast Wild Moss.

Full notoriety came thanks to A piece of Lundiniwho consecrated it on TV and on social media, and even in the face of success keeps a disenchanted gaze. “If you know you only got there because it’s a good time, it’s better”he adds. An honest and singular consideration, which often does not find space in the world of showbiz.

Emanuela Fanelli

Emanuela Fanelli. (Ipa)

The TV makes fun of itself

There third season of A piece of Lundini debuts tonight on Rai 2, but fans can take advantage of thepreview available on RaiPlay. The first installment proves that Giovanni Benincasa’s program has not lost its luster at all. Indeed, this year he raises the bar and makes sarcasm his backbone.

As already happened in the first and second season, the leitmotif of the format is the revival of a sort of theater of the absurd in a comic key. On background, a television that makes fun of itselfis undermined, thanks to a good dose of irony, essential to tell the reality.

Emanuela Fanelli at the Turin Film Festival 2021 (IPA)

Among the issues addressed in the first appointment, disability and gender battles, passing through the hypocrisy among the professionals of the small screen, thanks to a hilarious Mouse Gigio. All apparently at the service of the program, which – just like any self-respecting talk show – is permeated with do-gooders and the desire to transmit positive messages, but that ultimately does nothing but chase the audience. Whatever it takes.

A TV shown in its flaws and weaknesses. A glimmer of light that should illuminate that part of the small screen that sometimes has little to say. With lightness and intelligence the triad Valerio Lundini-Emanuela Fanelli-Giovanni Benincasa hit the target.