Eloise, 21, is dating a 16-year-old athlete – Receives harsh messages: “Accused of anything”

Eloise Milburn is dating darts sensation Luke Littler.

Eloise Milburn, 21, is dating 16-year-old Luke Littler. EPA / AOP

Only 16 years old Luke Littler has been on the lips of darts followers.

Littler has become the sensation of the sport’s World Championships when he advanced to the darts final. In the finals, Littler will face a pitcher who is more than 10 years older when he sets up Luke Humphries28.

Along with Littler’s performances during the tournament, his girlfriend has spoken Eloise Milburnwho is 21 years old.

Milburn’s mother Amanda Milburn56, told the Daily Mail that her daughter has received nasty messages on social media.

Eloise Milburn is accused of only dating Littler for money and fame.

The darts thrower took home €230,000 after making it to the final. If Littler wins the world championship, he will receive 500,000 pounds, or about 579,000 euros. Even for the loss, he will receive 200,000 pounds, or about 231,000 euros.

– Eloise has been accused of everything. But they are disgusting lies. He’s not with Littler for those reasons. He doesn’t care about money or fame.

– Terrible things have been published about him and me and my husband Phil are very angry about them.

According to Eloise Milburn, the relationship between her daughter and Littler is just developing and not that serious yet. Amanda Milburn asked for tickets to the World Cup, but Eloise nixed the idea.

– He said he doesn’t want me to meet Littler. It’s too early.

The usual

Luke Littler has become a darts sensation. EPA / AOP

Littler has become a real sensation in the Games. He grew up in Cheshire, UK. He started playing darts at a young age and immediately showed promising moves.

His age has surprised a lot during the Games and his birth certificate has been featured in British newspapers.

Littler has already made history by becoming the youngest pitcher ever to win a game in the World Series. He has won six of them now.

Kirk Shepherd was the youngest ever World Cup finalist for a long time, but Littler took this record as well. At the age of 21, Shepherd reached the final in 2008.

A superstar of the sport Michael van Gerwen was once the youngest ever World Champion when he celebrated his first career World Championship at the age of 24 in 2014.

Littler is close to grabbing this record for himself.

– I’m doing what I’ve always done. I eat a ham and cheese omelet in the morning and then I come here and eat pizza and get ready for the race, Littler said According to the New York Times.

– On a typical day, I wake up, play on my Xbox, eat, throw darts and go to sleep, he said about his civilian life for the BBC.