Elodie Show 2023 on TV8: costumes, guests and lineup

THEn waiting to see it guest by Fabio Fazio a What’s the weather like next Sundaythis evening at 9.30pm on TV8, Sky and NOW it will be broadcast Elodie Show 2023. A special created on the occasion of the concert that the Roman singer held last May in Milan: a resounding success but also a feast for the eyes, thanks to
amazing looks.

Elodie, the portrait of the singer: from Amici to the Sanremo Festival

Elodie Show 2023

Protagonist of the Italian recording scene, the Roman singer lands on TV8 with her pyrotechnic show, recorded last May at the Forum in Assago. The camera follows her from behind the scenes to the stage of the concert that consecrated her in the Olympus of Italian pop.

Not just Elodie’s most applauded and danced performances by the audience present that evening. The program also includes an exclusive chat in which the singer recounts the event from her point of view, following the long and intense preparation to the grand finale, the realization of one of his dreams.

Accompanied by the band and a wild dance troupe, tonight we will see Elodie perform many of her hitsfrom Andromeda to Bath at midnightfrom Two to Margarita. Together with her many special guests such as Elisa, Big Mama, Rkomi and Paola and Chiara. The live broadcast prepares the start of the first tour of the arenas, many of which are already sold out, which will leave from Naples on November 17th. And it will end in Milan on 9 December, at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago.

An image taken from the “Elodie Show 2023”. (Courtesy Sky)

The lineup and guests of the concert

1. Purple In The Sky
2. Danse La Vie
3. Strobe
4. Guarana
5. Black Bali
6. Okay. Breathe
7. Andromeda
8. Vertigo (with Elisa)
9. Together

10. American Woman (with Big Mama)
11. Think bad (with The Kolors)
12. Two
13. Heachache
14. Talk talk
15. Bullets (I’ll eat your heart) (with Joan Thiele)
16. THE DEVIL’S TAIL (with Rkomi)
17. Never again
18. Boy Boy Boy
19. Tribal

20. Festival (with Paola & Chiara)
21. Sing It Back
22. Apocalypse
23. One Like One Hundred
24. Margarita
25. Bath at midnight

The show’s costumes

In addition to the hits that Elodie churns out with regular fluency – the latest is With the headlights off –, the Roman pop star also makes headlines thanks to her bold looks. Just like the ones shown during the show at the Forum, curated by his trusted stylist Lorenzo Posoccothe same as his friend Marco Mengoni.

Elodie showed off four different looks during the evening, from second-skin onesies to sensual bodysuits with cut-outs and in super technical and skin-tight fabrics. As the one signed by the stylist friend Andreadamo which he created for her a black knitted bodysuit full of bright rhinestones and a black jumpsuit. Outfit that the singer paired with heeled ankle boots and fishnet stockings.

The other big name chosen by the pop star is Valentinowhich he chose for the artist a long, tight-fitting jumpsuit in rose-gold from the collection Unboxing. A riot of lurex that Elodie wore with a ponytail and black pumps on her feet. The icing on the cake, also by Valentino, is a long-sleeved fuchsia lycra bodysuit with a faux fur coat. A look designed specifically for the singer by the creative director of the fashion house Pierpaolo Piccioli.