At a public meeting of the city council, it was announced around 10 p.m. tonight who will fulfill the new position as mayor of Purmerend. The city council sees Elen van Selm (58) from Ureterp and a member of D66 as a suitable candidate. A remarkable choice, because Van Selm is currently mayor of the Frisian municipality of Opsterland and her ‘roots’ do not lie in Purmerend.

    Before mayor of the Frisian municipality, Ellen van Selm was a municipal councilor in Lelystad and worked as an independent organizational consultant or director at institutions in Lelystad and the surrounding area. Van Selm was trained as a rural sociologist at Wageningen University.

    The reason for applying for the position of mayor was for Van Selm, because within this position there is ‘a nice mix between city and countryside’.

    Public council meeting

    The city council announced its name during the extra public council meeting tonight. Prior to this, a closed council was held, in which the city council voted on the most suitable candidate as mayor.

    That Ellen van Selm may fulfill this role is not yet complete. After tonight’s council meeting, the recommendation of the city council will be passed on to the King’s Commissioner in North Holland, Arthur van Dijk.

    The Minister of the Interior and Royal Relations will prepare this appointment. Until this time, Mayor Don Bijl has been appointed as acting mayor in office.

    sworn in

    Van Selm will be officially appointed by the Crown, the King and the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. This is done through a sworn in on September 22. From then on, she will assume the role of the new mayor of Purmerend.