Elisa D’Ospina is pregnant: expecting a child from Stefano Macchi

cflying icon for Elisa D’Ospina. The curvy model, 38 years old, she is expecting her first child from her partner Stefano Macchi, Anna Pettinelli’s ex-husband. The announcement was made via social media, where Elisa, showing the pregnancy test to her followers, defined the baby on the way as “our miracle”.

Elisa D’Ospina is pregnant

The life of the model from Vicenza, an icon of the curvy world, has changed radically in the last year. For ten years she was married to Andrea Alessandrini Gentili, web marketing and social media marketing expert. The two had been a steady couple since 2011, then something broke. After their farewell, Elisa found love again in the arms of Stefano Macchi. With whom she decided to start a family.

The surprise and the social announcement

A very tender video with lots of tests and first ultrasound: so Elisa D’Ospina shared the sweet expectation with her 358 thousand followers Instagram. Also showing the surprise made to the partner to tell him that he will soon become a dad. After meeting him in St. Peter’s Square, Elisa gave Stefano a box with a pregnancy test. Both are visibly excited.

“It doesn’t seem real to me,” he says looking in disbelief at the test result. And, in the background, while the images of the video play, a letter written by the future mother and delivered to her partner together with the test is read.

“You chose nothing when your eyes plunged into my soul and I chose nothing when my eyes plunged into your soul. As we spoke, we recounted other intentions. We flew in a common universe, dark, silent but made of breaths, of two spirits illuminated by the stars. And to the rhythm of our sudden love, it was you who chose us. Qhen we met, you have always been with us. Like now that we are really waiting for you». A post that has received hundreds of likes and comments also from TV personalities with whom Elisa has worked, from Caterina Balivo to Bianca Guaccero. And then Elisabetta Gregoraci, Eva Riccobono, Giuliano Sangiorgi.

Work and motherhood: Italy is not yet a country for mothers

The love between Elisa D’Ospina and Stefano Macchi

The one between Elisa D’Ospina and Stefano Macchi is a love that blossomed recently. The model and well-known face of the small screen has left behind a ten-year marriage. And even Stefano, before meeting her, had just ended an important love story: that of her with the presenter Anna Pettinelli. The two split after eight years of marriage.

«Stefano is no longer my husband. The light has gone out” Pettinelli explained on social media by officially communicating the end of love with her husband, with whom she had participated in Temptation Island in 2019. But that was the past. Now Stefano’s future is about to turn pink or blue.