Elina Gustafsson posted a picture of African children – The feedback led to the removal of the picture

Elina Gustafsson and Ansku Bergström are currently vacationing in Africa.

Elina Gustafsson and Ansku Bergström are currently vacationing in Kenya. Jussi Eskola

Ex-boxer Elina Gustafsson is currently on vacation with her common-law partner, a dancer Ansku Bergström’s with in Africa. The couple has been adventuring around the world for several weeks now, and this week they visited a Kenyan preschool.

On the spot, the couple spent time with the children, and Ansku taught the children to dance, among other things. On their Instagram accounts, they published pictures of the moment with the children.

Now Elina suddenly says that she deleted a photo from Instagram that showed Kenyan children. The background is the feedback he received from his publication. The ex-boxer has more than 44,000 followers on Instagram.

The ex-boxer openly talks about the removal of the photo on the Stories side of Instagram.

– I deleted my feed picture, where there are pictures of Kenyan children. I fully understand that this is a problematic situation. My purpose was not to polish my own skin or make myself a savior, but to bring more awareness that helping hands are needed, Elina writes.

He claims in his publication that he did not visit the school to get material for social media updates.

– I would have gone to school even without getting permission to film. The children were excited about the visit and had made presentations. Everyone had permission to film.

– I also help children in Finland who suffer from poverty. Poverty in Africa is still at a different level. I’m sorry that this appeared to people who don’t know me, certainly in a different light. I will continue to help them even without social media, he sums up.

Ansku also published a picture on his Instagram account in which he poses with local children. He hasn’t deleted the picture.

Elina Gustafsson and Ansku Bergström are the first female pair in the history of the TTK competition. IL-TV