Elina Gustafsson angered her Ansku lover with her morning routine: “Terrible glasses”

Ansku Bergström replies to Elina Gustafsson in the comment field of this social media post.

Ex-boxer Elina Gustafsson31, is a dancer who is happy with her current relationship status Anna-Liisa “Ansku” Bergström, 38, with. The couple have been dating since they met Dancing with the Stars program in 2021.

Gustafsson shares a touching post about his relationship on his Instagram post, which includes photos and video clips from their recent skiing trip.

– I was rolling on the hill today when it was said that here we are still adventuring together and going after almost two and a half years. My dating record is starting to crash and I don’t have a foot in the door and I have no plans to escape! I’m pretty proud of that! The therapy sessions must have kicked in, he rejoices in his post.

Right after, the athlete says that their relationship is not always like dancing with roses either. He reveals that their latest argument is from the same morning the post was published.

– I’m also proudest of my future wife, even though she suddenly gave me a terrible tantrum in the morning. I had reportedly left the toothbrush on the table the wrong way round, which is why he sees red, the ex-boxer says with laughter and heart emojis.

According to Gustafsson, they eventually came to an agreement and later laughed about the whole thing.

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Bergström responds to his beloved in the comment field of Gustaffson’s post.

– You are the best! Sometimes small gestures are good, he writes with laughing and kissing emoticons.

The couple got engaged less than a year ago. Gustafsson said on his social media account in October that he proposed to Bergström when they had returned home from Nepal. The ex-boxer had published a touching video of the moment.

– Eternity is here and now, the mountains whispered to me. The little fox is my future wife, he wrote in his publication.

Ansku Bergström and Elina Gustafsson tell about their TTK trip. Video from September 2019. Evening newspaper