Eli Iserbyt solos to victory in Beringen cross

    The Dutchman Lars van der Haar seized the last podium place. Pim Ronhaar rode to fourth place, ahead of Witse Meeussen.

    Corné van Kessel took the best start. The Dutchman was the first to start the climb of the mine slag heap, followed by Michael Vanthourenhout, Daan Soete and Eli Iserbyt. In the second round, Van der Haar, Pim Ronhaar, Iserbyt, Vanthourenhout and Soete distanced themselves from the rest. Vanthourenhout put another layer on it and had half cross eight seconds ahead of Ronhaar, Iserbyt and Van der Haar. Jente Michels, Witse Meeussen and Thibau Nys followed at 22 seconds.

    Iserbyt then disbanded his devils. He blasted at Vanthourenhout and immediately abandoned his teammate. Van der Haar also drove to Vanthourenhout. In the front, Iserbyt was able to plot his own lines. He was allowed to start the final round with a 58 seconds lead. In the battle for the closest place of honor, Vanthourenhout overtook Van der Haar.

    Last week, Iserbyt had to settle for second place in the Poldercross in Kruibeke, behind Vanthourenhout. In Beringen he succeeds himself on the honors list.