Electric scooters 11 kW 2024: data and price of the Ray Motors Ray 7.7

15 HP engine capable of pushing the 165 kg scooter to 125 km/h. Excellent range (declared): 150 km. Five-figure prices

The Ray Motors Ray 7.7 is certainly not among the cheap scooters, but you just need to delve a little into the article to understand why. Three configurations available: Basic, Advance and Premium. It starts from 10,290 euros for the entry level setup, goes to 10,680 euros for the intermediate one and concludes at 11,990 euros for the top of the range. Optional are also the 33 liter top box with support (another 299 euros), the heated grips (190 euros) and the windshield with support (250 euros). The Spanish company has built a medium-sized scooter (length 205 cm, seat height 77 cm) with a relatively low weight, 165 kg. The lithium ion battery recharges in 2-4 hours and powers the 14 HP engine of continuous power, 1 HP less than the maximum allowed by law to fall within the parameters of battery-powered vehicles that can be driven with an A1 license from 16 years of age of age. The declared autonomy is satisfactory: we are talking about 150 km between one charge and the next. Three driving modes (City, Sport and Flow), braking system equipped with a combined system and 15″-14″ wheels complete the package. There is a helmet under the saddle, there is reverse gear and the driver interfaces with a well-made digital screen.