Electric car accidents and fires: quarantine according to Porsche

Fire protection company EmiControls has teamed up with Porsche Italia to create new quarantine areas for electric cars. These serve to prevent the risk of fire from thermal leaks caused by lithium batteries

Alba Banchi

They are called Q-Containers. They are quarantine installations that car manufacturers are required to impose on electric cars in the event of an accident, fire or battery pack malfunction. EmiControls – an international company specializing in fire protection – by establishing a collaboration with Porsche Italia it has expanded into the automotive sector to counter one of the most current and complex problems in the electric car market: the risk management of lithium batteries. One of the best known phenomena is the thermal runaway coming from the battery pack, which can occur immediately after an impact or a malfunction, but also one or more days later: the prolonged risk of spontaneous ignition exponentially increases the vulnerability of the vehicle and the territory surrounding environment compared to the more manageable risks of thermal cars.

because the quarantine

The risk of spontaneous ignition inside a lithium battery can occur suddenly, even a few days after suffering an accident or after experiencing a malfunction of your electric vehicle. For this reason, constant monitoring is necessary in the days to follow, as well as usage Technical Quarantine Areas (Aqt): the requirements require large areas, far from any structure or flammable substance, where the car must remain under observation for up to 15 days. Of course, not all dealers have areas with these characteristics, limiting their options and ability to prevent. Porsche Italia, present in the EV panorama since the release of the Taycan in 2019, has decided to move forward in the face of a problem more current than ever, opting for the implementation of reduced and automated security areas. This is how the Q-Containers were born, created by EmiControls for the safe isolation of damaged electric cars which can be installed just 5 meters from dealers, circuits and event spaces used by Porsche. The reduced distance from adjacent structures thus allows for more efficient and safe monitoring.

how does it work

the Q-Containers monitoring system has been installed in almost all Porsche facilities in Italy. In the event of an accident, serious malfunction or after the extinguishing of a fire caused by an electric car, the latter will be transported to the nearest Porsche dealer and placed inside the container. Tracking is fully automated, as well as fume abatement procedures through the use of nebulizers. In the worst cases, such as the advanced stage of a thermal run, a flooding system will be activated, the most effective method of cooling the batteries.