Electoral threshold for referendum on paid parking in Haarlem met: 81 percent vote against

Mayor Jos Wienen personally broke the news to the ‘referendum camp’. About sixty people gathered in a café on the Grote Markt. The resounding figures were received with much cheering: 37.72 percent of Haarlem residents cast their votes in the poll, 81.5 percent checked the ‘against’ box. The municipality of Haarlem confirmed the news half an hour later.

A lot of effort

SP councilor Ruud Kuin, who was instrumental in getting the referendum off the ground from the start, is most happy that the electoral threshold has been met. “It took a lot of effort, we had to organize a lot, but we also had a lot of support.” Kuin is referring to the first rejection of the referendum by the municipal council. After the judge ruled that the rejection was not based on good grounds, the opponents gained wings in their fight to be heard.

“I saw a lot of angry people today,” Kuin said in an initial response. “And also many skeptical people. They don’t know whether anything will change, but they do want to make their voices heard.”

For Edwin Vermaire, campaigner for the referendum, only one thing is important from now on. “The result must be respected. The vast majority of Haarlem residents do not want this. They must be listened to.”

This is a provisional result. The final result will follow on March 13. Starting tomorrow, the municipal polling station will meet for a possible recount and inspection. The result of the referendum will first be discussed in the Management Committee on March 21 and the municipal council will make a decision on March 28.