Italy has undertaken this Monday a path, full of unknowns, towards his new unknown dimension. Georgia Melonileader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party, has won the elections legislative with 26% of the votes, with 98% of the ballots counted. never happened before in the republican history of Italy. The level of abstention is also close to record levelsabout 36%, about 9 points more than in the previous elections of 2018. The storm is announced.

    When the victory was confirmed, already after two in the morning, Meloni appeared before the press at the Parco dei Principi hotel, in the wealthy Roman neighborhood of Parioli. From there he spoke a conciliatory speech, atypical in what has been his political career and electoral campaign. She said that he will rule for “everyone”.

    “It is the time of responsibility. The time when if you want to be part of history, you must understand the responsibility we have before tens of millions of people & rdquor ;, she continued. “The situation that Italy and the European Union are heading towards is particularly complex and requires everyone’s contribution and a serene climate & rdquor ;, she affirmed.

    don’t be afraid

    A reflection of the magnitude of the political earthquake that is coming was then reflected in the attempt of some political scientists (live on RAI public television) to detach Brothers of Italy from their post-fascist origins. “It is not true that it is a party of the extreme right. There is incredible ignorance about Italy in the foreign media & rdquor ;, one of them even said. Italy is still afraid of being afraid, although reality does not understand euphemisms.

    Henry letta, the leader of the progressive Democratic Party (PD), has announced that he will speak in the morning. His coalition closed the electoral day on Sunday, remaining at 26.34%, a disappointing number and that will probably put his leadership into question. Although the result obtained by the populist 5-Star Movement (M5S) has also drawn attention, it has fallen less than expected and has remained at 15%, just under half of its result in 2018.

    Still, Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the 5 Stars and responsible for the abrupt fall of outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi in July, has blamed the PD for the denouement. “The PD has committed a political action that could be competitive against this center-right that has presented itself united & rdquor ;, Conte criticized, from the headquarters of his party, after election day.

    Mattarella’s decisions

    A separate matter has been him too waning league result by Matteo Salvini and the downhill content of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, the two partners of Meloni. The first may also play the role, and the results of both will have (undoubtedly) repercussions on the balance of the future government. The far-right victory also fills the future of Italy’s relationship with the European bloc with uncertainty.

    Throughout the day, the exact number of seats obtained by each formation should be confirmed. From that moment on, the ball will pass on the court of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. It is he who should give the task of forming a government to the far-right and who, if considered appropriate, could reject any minister if he considers that his ideology goes against the Italian Constitution, or also the principles and values ​​of the European Union.

    It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Already in 2018, Mattarella rejected Paolo Savona, then the League’s candidate to serve as Minister of the Economy.

    ultra celebrations

    The ultra forces of Europe and the world they have rubbed their hands in victory of Meloni. So much so that the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateus Morawiecki, was the first to declare it the winner. “Congratulations & rdquor ;, he has written on social networks. “Meloni has shown the way for a proud Europe & rdquor ;, said the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal. “The new prime minister is God, Country and Family & rdquor ;, has celebrated Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President Jair, currently immersed in the electoral campaign in his country.

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    On another front, voices of concern have also come from France. “We will monitor respect for human rights and abortion in Italy & rdquor ;, French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has said. Some statements, these, opposed to those of the leader of the National Association, Marine Le Pen. “Bravo to Meloni and Salvini for resisting the threats of an anti-democratic and arrogant European Union!”, assured the French far-right.

    In truth, what worries inside and outside of Italy is not little. They are concerned, in particular, the sympathies of Berlusconi and Salvini for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, responsible for the bloody war that continues in Ukraine. Furthermore, Italy is one of the main recipients of aid and loans granted by the european recovery plan (around 200,000 million euros), which have been granted in exchange for reforms that have to be fulfilled. Only last Friday, Draghi managed to unlock the second check of 20,000 million as part of this plan.