Elderly people in De Wolden fall more often than the national average

Elderly people in Drenthe seem fairly stable compared to the rest of the Netherlands. The number of hospital admissions among people over 65 as a result of a fall in Drenthe almost corresponds to the national average. 0.4 percent fewer falls are reported in the province. There are major differences locally, for example the municipality of De Wolden stands out in a negative way.

This is evident from the research from Sister Jansen to hospital admissions after a fall, based on the most recent CBS data. Falling is a major problem among the elderly. It can lead to serious injuries and has a major impact on the independence of people over 65.

Not every municipality has the same number of hospital admissions after a fall. These are the Drenthe municipalities with relatively the most admissions: De Wolden (172 per 10,000 elderly); Coevorden (167 per 10,000 elderly); Meppel (161 per 10,000 elderly). The municipalities above are at least 9 percent above the national average of the Netherlands (148 admissions per 10,000 elderly people).

In Drenthe there are 5 municipalities that have relatively few hospital admissions. Three of these are more than 14 percent below the national average: Borger-Odoorn (114) 23 percent fewer admissions; Aa and Hunze (121) 18 percent fewer admissions and Midden-Drenthe (127) 14 percent fewer admissions.

Outliers in the Netherlands

The Dutch municipality with the most hospital admissions after a fall is Heemstede in North Holland. With 226 admissions per 10,000 elderly people, the municipality is exactly 52 percent higher than the national average.

In the Netherlands there are nine municipalities where zero hospital admissions after a fall incident were reported. Six of these are located in Zeeland, two in Friesland and one in Gelderland. Groningen is the province with the most admissions: there were 165 hospital admissions per 10,000 elderly people after a fall accident. That is a lot higher than the 147 recordings in Drenthe. Yet Drenthe has more than Zeeland, the province with the fewest admissions in the Netherlands: 103 admissions per 10,000 elderly people.

The complete study and all figures per municipality can be found via: www.zusterjansen.nl/blog/valacciken-ouderen