Eintracht general meeting: Eintracht Frankfurt: Mathias Beck elected as Fischer’s successor at the general meeting

As of: February 5, 2024 10:03 p.m

Eintracht Frankfurt has a new president: Mathias Beck was elected as Peter Fischer’s successor at the general meeting. He had previously addressed emotional words to the Eintracht fans.

The Peter Fischer era at Eintracht Frankfurt is officially over: On Monday evening, his successor Mathias Beck was elected to the club’s presidency at the general meeting.

Beck: “The greatest day of my life”

Beck received 1,867 votes, there were also five votes against and eleven abstentions. “This is the biggest day of my life today,” the father of two said before the vote. “My love for Eintracht is lifelong and inseparable.”

Beck made it clear that Eintracht cannot rest on their current successes and must continue to develop. “Tradition is no guarantee of a successful future,” he said. “My application means looking back and looking forward.”

Fischer announces the current number of members

Previously, Peter Fischer, who is now honorary president of the association, once again addressed emotional words to the members in Frankfurt’s Jahrhunderthalle. “Eintracht is a family with attitude and values. That’s how I’ve always felt,” he said, once again showing a clear stance against right-wing extremism. “Sport serves to promote peaceful coexistence. We have no place for discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism.”

Fischer was President of Eintracht for 24 years. As he said goodbye, he was able to announce an impressive number: the Frankfurters now have 139,000 members. “We are now the 12th largest club in the world,” said Fischer, who has no doubts about further promotion: “We’ll all get them, they’re already scared.”