Eintracht Frankfurt | Spicy Glasner revelations: This is how the break came behind the scenes

After only two years, Oliver Glasner’s engagement at Eintracht Frankfurt ends in the summer. The main reason for the separation is apparently deep cracks between the coach and the club management, which the trainer has seen increasingly critically in recent weeks.

As the “Sport Bild” reported on Wednesday, the increasingly disturbed relationship between Glasner and the club management was ultimately decisive for the separation in the summer, which was difficult to understand from the outside. The SGE board was therefore angry with Glasner’s appearance after defeats.

After the 3-1 defeat against Leverkusen at the beginning of April, the club management is said to have commissioned the media department, among other things, to monitor the press appearances of their own coach very closely. Sports director Markus Krösche is said to have sought a conversation with him and called on him to be more prudent. This is exactly what Glasner missed after sporting setbacks.

Some of the coach’s statements are said to have been interpreted as disrespectful and “extremely indiscreet” within the team. For example, Glasner’s angry speech after the 1: 3 against Hoffenheim, when he explained that Makoto Hasebe had blood in his urine after games.

However, Glasner’s extremely short fuse is said to be no coincidence. According to “Sport Bild”, it was particularly hard after the 3-2 win in the cup semifinals against VfB Stuttgart.

Eintracht bosses see Glasner’s appearances as “self-portrayal”

The coach celebrated the success extensively with the fans and, in the eyes of the top management, was overly strict. Those responsible found his appearance to be “self-portrayal”.

In the subsequent talks, this success should not have been discussed, but instead the weak phase in the league – which in turn disturbed Glasner massively. Shortly thereafter, the club announced the end of the Austrian.

What also annoyed the Eintracht tip, according to “Sport Bild”: Allegedly, Glasner’s advisors had been talking to other clubs behind the scenes for a long time. The coach himself denied this, but those responsible from other clubs are said to have slipped this information to the SBU bosses. It is said that this was the beginning of the end of a sporty, almost perfect marriage.