Eintracht Frankfurt: Captain Sebastian Rode is missing again for a longer period of time

Quote from CornyTalks

This is such a sad and undignified departure for an absolute legend of Eintracht. I’m so sorry for Rode. Every SGE fan wished him with all their hearts that he could play for the rest of the season and say goodbye to his active career properly, I’m sure of that. And instead, right after a long road back, he has to deal with the next (and probably last) health setback of his career.

Seppel Rode is one of those who could have done much more with their career, but whose body is simply too vulnerable to the stresses of professional sport. His injury history is really dramatic and it is impressive how often he has fought back from minor injuries as well as major injuries. A real character player, an absolute fan favorite and a great captain who made himself immortal with the 2022 EL final at the latest. I really hope that he will actually be able to play again at the end of the season, because he more than deserves to be able to say goodbye to the fans and his active career in a dignified way. And then I hope that he will find something for himself where he will be happier because his body is not constantly exposed to such stress. I think everyone in the Frankfurt area treats him!

That’s how I sign it (and I would also like to have rated it).
You don’t have to be a Eintracht fan to see Sebastian Rode as an absolute character player and a leader in the best sense of the word.
I would have liked to see him have more success (and, above all, more games and fewer injuries!) at BVB – unfortunately the topic of injuries runs through his entire career.
I found it all the nicer that he wasn’t just in your squad and celebrated successes, but that he actively and significantly helped achieve them.

Long story short: at least one BVB fan* is keeping both fingers crossed for him to make it to the pitch for the last home game.

(* I’m almost certainly not the only one, but I don’t want to follow the general trend of the time and accept my own opinion as the generally valid one. wink )