Eero Milonoff was left out of Yle’s hit series – Tells now why

Eero Milonoff will not be seen in the new season of Modern Men.

Eero Milonoff starred in the Modern Men series for three seasons. Jussi Eskola

Yle’s drama series Modern men will continue on January 16. Modern men The fourth season of the series will feature familiar actors Iikka Forss (Checkmate), Jarkko Niemi (Pete) as well as Tommi Rantamäki (Thomas). He arrives as a new character in the series Mikko Töyssyn acted by What.

However, fans of the show were disappointed once more when the actor played by Eero Milonoff Jarkko will not appear in the new season of the series.

Iltalehti reached out to Milonoff to explain his decision.

– There is no more dramatic reason. A time for each, Milonoff tells Iltalehte.

– Jarko’s character and Modern Men came to an end for me, he continues.

Popularity pleases

Milonoff says that he is leaving the program “with all the love”.

– I’m looking forward to the next season made by my dear comrades. Certainly at least as good if not better than previous seasons! However, this is a collective profession, the program is not limited to one man.

Iikka Forss, Jarkko Niemi and Tommi Rantamäki continue in the Modern Men series. Mikko Töyssy will be seen as a new face. Over

Milonoff says that it has been a pleasure to make the series with great colleagues.

The Jarkko character played by Milonoff has also been popular among fans of the series. The Tiktok video service has numerous audio recordings of Jarko’s words available, and people have mirrored their own lives in Jarko’s story.

Milonoff does not use social media services himself, but he is aware of the popularity of social media.

– Of course, it’s great that people have discovered the series and that character.

Modern men – series’ fourth season from 16 January 2024 on Yle TV1 on Tuesdays at 8 pm and on the same day all episodes on Yle Areena. See all program information and broadcast times on Telku.