‘Eelde Airport must have a safe bus stop again’

The bus stop at the terminal of Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) should return, according to the airport management. There are fears that things will go wrong for students, airport staff and travelers, who are now forced to cross the busy Burgemeester JG Legroweg.

“There are sometimes ten of them there,” says airport spokesman Jonas van Dorp about students who make the crossing. “You know how that works. That makes it a dangerous situation that must be made safer.”

Until the beginning of the corona pandemic, the bus still drove to Machlaan, up to the terminal. That stop was deleted, as the number of travelers at the airport was negligible during corona.

Anyone who travels to and from the airport by bus since then has to go to the Legroweg stop. Although there is a speed reduction of a maximum of 60 kilometers per hour, many motorists are still able to cope. “Disembarking almost happens on the asphalt,” says Van Dorp. “Then you still have to cross the road, where there is no zebra crossing. The situation is currently at the expense of safety and service. This cannot continue.”