Ecuadorian Karina watches World Cup match in the lion’s den: ‘Cheer when Ecuador scores’

A yellow speck in a crowded sea of ​​orange. This is how Karina Delgado from Ecuador feels in the Dutch pub where she watches the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Ecuador. “It’s very nice, but we are not afraid of the Orange and the players are certainly not either.”

Karina Delgado – Michael van der Putten/NH Media

She wears the yellow shirt of La Tricolore (nickname for the national football team) with pride all day long, even at the physio. “Three countries are in my heart: Spain, the Netherlands and Ecuador. If I have to choose who will become world champion? Then I choose Ecuador. That is my mother country, after all.”

Karina Delgado with her Dutch husband Vincent Croes just before the game – NH News / Michael van der Putten

Karina was born in the South American country that lies exactly on the equator. At a young age she moved to Spain, where she met her current Dutch husband, Vincent Croes from Haarlem, while going out.

destroy the Netherlands

Laughing: “It’s not that Vincent and I have been arguing with each other in recent days. But my brothers, who still live in Spain, do. She and Vincent have been in contact via the app and my brothers have already let us know that Ecuador will destroy the Netherlands for a while.”


In Ecuador, the match will be followed closely, just like in the Netherlands. “They also gather there in pubs or at home to watch the game. Everyone will be very exuberant if they win. That will be a big party.”

“If the Netherlands scores, I cheer a little bit”

Karina Delgado

Karina will also cheer with a goal against the Netherlands. “Of course I will cheer very loudly here in the pub, I think people find that funny here. It’s a nice atmosphere.”

She doesn’t have to think long about the result and she expects a goal-rich pot. “2 – 2 it will be.” And if the Netherlands scores? “Well… then I’ll cheer a little bit along”, she laughs.