Ebru Umar has spicy opinions: ‘But talk shows boycott me’

Ebru Umar is known for her spicy opinion, yet we hardly see the columnist sitting at a talk show table. How is that possible? “They have to give you a podium, don’t they?”

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Talk shows say they have the greatest possible difficulty in attracting women with an opinion. Ebru Umar is a woman, has an opinion, but is hardly ever asked. How is that possible? “I never get a call. They have to give you a stage, don’t they? And that is just not the case,” she says in the podcast Daphne on Thursday.

“Who’s calling me?”

Strange, says hostess Daphne Deckers. She is asked inappropriately and inappropriately, but then refuses. “I often get calls for things I don’t understand. But then I always think: I’m not going to sit there, am I?”

Ebru also thinks the reward is important. “The first thing that matters is, who are you? Who’s calling me? That’s the most important thing. The second is: what are you paying? I refuse to sit anywhere where men at the table are paid and I am not.”

“What’s it moving?”

Talk shows that don’t pay don’t have to call Ebru. “Maybe I’ve said a few too many times, ‘What’s it moving?’ And she heard too often: ‘Well, then I won’t come.’”

Daphne: “I have never been paid for…”

Ebru: “Yes, I think it’s ridiculous. I find it totally ridiculous. Because you go there, that costs you time. You sit there in that f * cking make-up, it costs you time. Then you sit at the table for another hour, it costs you time. Then you have to go back! You make their content. And then you will benefit, they think?!”

No more calls

What nonsense, said Ebru. “Sorry, I mean, I don’t think you need a stage to sell your books. Hey, and I don’t have to sell them, then I better not sell books. But it’s not going to happen to me that someone else makes money over my back. Not going to happen. Point.”

She continues: “So I don’t get any more calls, do I? Through TV, radio or whatever, for these kinds of debates.”

‘Can’t you say’

Ebru thinks that her opinion, which is not politically correct, is also repulsive. “I think they are afraid that they will realize that we have to close the borders and that the asylum seekers centers are finished.”

“And that it is really ridiculous that young people do not get housing and that people who come directly from the boat do get a home. I don’t think I’m saying anything weird, but you can’t say it.”


At the beginning of last year, Ebru was still with Today Inside (then VI Today):