Ebanie Bridges reveals quite a lot about himself at the weigh-ins.

    Dressed like this, Ebanie Bridges (pictured left) stepped into the weigh-in before facing Bec Connolly last year. PDO

    Issues related to the appreciation of women’s boxing will be discussed during the IBF midget title fight.

    by Shannon O’Connell and by Ebanie Bridges occasionally sparking when O’Connell proceeded to berate his opponent for his trademark appearance in his underwear at the weigh-ins, which have become popular spectacles in themselves in England.

    – I don’t like the way Ebanie does things, O’Connell tapped the promoter Eddie Hearn’s in a hosted virtual event.

    According to the experienced Australian, Bridges’ revealing style pulls the rug from under the rug from the work that female professionals have done over the years.

    – Everyone has worked so hard to earn respect and then the Ebanie’s style has brought them down.

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    The former math teacher, who recently also worked as a ring girl, did not remain speechless in the face of criticism. Bridges reminded us that boxers always weigh in in skimpy clothes, no matter what they’re wearing.

    On the other hand, he reminded O’Connell that underwear does what professional boxing is all about: maximizing market potential through entertainment.

    – Without me, you wouldn’t be on this stage, you wouldn’t get global visibility and you wouldn’t have the biggest day of reckoning in your career, the woman who left the money industry four years ago acknowledged.


    Bridges went on to wonder if O’Connell is serious about riding his looks to a title shot.

    – Do you really think that I haven’t worked hard because I look different or because what I do is not the same as what you do, the woman who called herself “Blonde Bomber” questioned.

    The answer to the champion of the sport, who earned his living as a professional for more than ten years and competed 30 times, was not impressed.

    – You take your clothes off to get visibility, O’Connell acknowledged.

    The Australians will meet in Leeds on December 10.

    In the opinion of Ebanie Bridges, all means should be used in marketing. PDO