Easy cup victory for the all-powerful Hurry-Up in Zwartemeer on Tachos. Drenten to quarter finals

The handball players of Drenth Groep Hurry-Up have advanced to the quarter-finals of the national cup. They did this by beating Tachos 30-20 in Zwartemeer.

The men of coach Sven Hemmes did not have to go very deep for the victory on Tuesday evening in their own sports hall De Eendracht. It was therefore a bit of an unequal battle. With Hurry-Up, a team entered the arena that competes at the highest level in the BeNe League every week. Tachos from Waalwijk performs at a lower level in the Premier League, although the Brabanders, as number three in the standings, are one of the better teams there.

But Tachos had little to say against Hurry-Up from the start. The Drenthe, who lost to Volendam in the final in front of thousands of spectators in Almere in the previous cup season, quickly became the dominant party. The home team still had to make do without the long-term injured Patrick Miedema, Wouter Pronk and Sander Bos, while the unfit captain Bernie Vermeer was also unavailable.

Excellent return Sverre Jansen

On the other hand, there was the return of Sverre Jansen, who, after his rehabilitation following a serious knee injury, mainly plays in the Premier League in the combination team E&O/Hurry-Up. But the Brabander, who lives in Emmen, played effortlessly in the main force again. Jansen scored five times with his hard shot against Tachos, which faced a deficit from the start.

Hurry-Up does what it has to do in terms of scoring

Hurry-Up played at a sedate pace, especially before half time, but did score the goals. At halftime the visitors were already behind 17-9 and the not at all exciting match had actually already been played. The Drenthe could afford to make some mistakes in coverage from time to time, because they continued to do what they had to do when it came to scoring. Daniël Takó was top scorer for the home team with seven goals. The Hungarian specialist again used a number of penalty throws, but what was more special was that he also missed one this time.

Jorick Pol excels in goal

In the second half, the Croatian Boris Tot was relieved in the Zwartemeerders’ goal by the great talent Jorick Pol. This got the 300 supporters on the benches with a large number of beautiful and spectacular saves. He couldn’t even get past the Tachos attack for a while no matter what they tried. It partly ensured that Hurry-Up, which had increased the pace and was dangerous with a good substitute Michael Wennink, sent the Brabanders home with a hopeless defeat. There was nothing to criticize about the 30-20 victory.

Hurry-Up Tachos 30-20

Rest position: 17-9.

Spectators: 300.

Hurry Up Scores: Takó 7, Jansen 5, Meijer 4, Wennink 4, Hoogland 3, Grácio 2, Riksten 3, Boonstra and Bijl.

Top scorer Tachos: Max Voermans 4.

Next game: Saturday: Izegem-Hurry-Up.