Easy Chicken Pasta by Robin Packalen

Musician Robin Packalen relaxes while cooking.

Robin Packalen says that an exciting year lies ahead, the first of which is UMK’s Finnish qualifier. Eeva Paljakka

Always when possible, By Robin Packalen cook your own food.

– I’m in hotels and on the road a lot, so my own kitchen is a luxury for me. When I get home, I want to cook there, Packalen says at the event launching his and Vaasan’s collaboration.

However, Packalen admits with a laugh that some days he lives only on rye bread.

Packalen often ends up grocery shopping without a shopping list. Then the food plans only become clear in the store, when an interesting ingredient arrives and Packalen starts thinking about what to make of it.

But when Packalen wants to cook for sure, he makes chicken pasta with his credit recipe.

– It’s sickly good – and easy, Packalen praises.

Chicken pasta is a sure choice.

But one thing upsets Packalen. He has no longer found the spice mixture that made the chicken pasta just as perfect as it was.

It was a mixture that Packalen had bought from the Yankee shelf of K-Citymarket in Turku. Now it can no longer be found there. Packalen fondly remembers the spice mixture, the name of which he has forgotten, but not the taste.

– I have tried to develop spice mixes from all over the world in order to get the same taste.

The ingredients for chicken pasta are very simple. You only need a piece of chicken roast (it will give a more succulent end result), pasta (or whatever you want to use), oat cream, red onion, garlic, spices and finally dried chives and grated Parmesan cheese (gives a nice texture that you can’t get from oat cream).

– But don’t ask in what ratio I put everything, I can’t say, Packalen laughs.

Packalen has found that oat cream is suitable for this pasta. The usual cream may turn out to be too heavy a pasta, which will start to tire you.

– But you have to choose oat cream for pasta, which doesn’t taste like anything. That will be the best end result.

Chicken pasta is a delicacy for everyone. Adobe Stock / AOP

Robin’s Chicken Pasta

strip pasta (e.g. tagliatelle)

a box of chicken cutlets

Red onion

a jar of oat cream



barbecue seasoning


black pepper

paprika-chili mixture

dried chives

grated parmesan

1. Bring the pasta to a boil.

2. Cut the steak into pieces of suitable size. Brown the pieces in a pan, add the onion cubes and brown some more.

3. Add spices and oat cream. Let it boil.

4. Finally, mix grated parmesan and dried chives into the pasta and sauce.