A delicious pie is really easy to make.

    With a little jam, you can make apple pie even more delicious. Mari Moilanen

    – French apple pie is genius, in all its simplicity, praises the food editor Mari Moilanen.

    You need sour, domestic apples, a large sheet of puff pastry, cane sugar, butter and spices.

    In the oven, the apples soften and the bottom becomes leafy and crunchy.

    – But when the pie comes out of the oven, it’s not ready yet, but one trick finishes it off and makes it one of the best autumn delicacies, Moilanen writes Something tasty in his blog.

    With the jam spread, the wonderful shiny essence and fleshiness of the French apple pie is obtained. According to Moilanen, the puff pastry edges are not dry, but sweet and delicious from the jam.

    French apple pie

    (for 6 people)

    1 large sheet of puff pastry

    3 domestic sour apples

    1/2 dl cane sugar

    2 teaspoons of cinnamon

    1 teaspoon of real vanilla powder

    25 g of butter in lumps

    3 tablespoons of smooth apricot jam

    1. Melt the sheet of puff pastry and roll it into a thin sheet, about 1/2 centimeter thick. Cut a circle from the plate that fits the pie pan. The dough should not rise to the edges of the pan more than a little. Press the dough into a lightly greased pan and poke holes all over the bottom with a fork. You can also prepare the pie on a baking sheet.

    2. Rinse the apples and remove the cores. Cut the apples into thin slices and spread on top of the pie crust. Mix the cinnamon and vanilla with the sugar and sprinkle over the apples. Drop dollops of butter on top of the pie.

    3. Bake the pie in a 225-degree oven for approx. 35–40 minutes until the pie is cooked.

    4. Heat the apricot jam for 20 seconds in the microwave. Spread jam over the entire pie. Let the pie cool and serve with ice cream or custard.