Earthquake area in Turkey now hit by floods: several dead, tents of survivors flooded | Abroad

Local media share images of completely flooded streets and cars drifting away, the Turkish state news agency Anadolu writes that houses have also been flooded.

The earthquakes in southern Turkey have previously caused thousands of houses to collapse and many people to be displaced. Many of them temporarily live in tents and are therefore extra vulnerable to flooding. Tents have already been flooded in Hatay. In Adiyaman, a container home was swept along in the current, killing at least one person. Four more people are missing.

The governor of the region fears that the death toll will rise even further. Heavy rain is also expected for the next two days.

Authorities are calling on all residents to evacuate to safe areas. In any case, the schools in Sanliurfa will remain closed on Wednesday because of the downpours. A number of patients from the local hospital have been transferred to other cities because the intensive care unit is flooded.