The Bosnian decided the match against Napoli with his tenth goal of the season, seventh in this championship. At 36, the former Roma still dominates and his performances push towards a contract renewal

    Raise your hand if you dare to remove this Edin Dzeko from the field. There’s only one person who can do it: himself. And he does it when, exhausted, he raises his hand, attracting the attention of the bench. the calf contracted involuntarily and warned the unshakeable synapses that the energy was over: cramps, Joaquin Correa’s turn could come. At 36, he will be one more in a couple of months, the giant from Sarajevo continues to dominate in Serie A as they try – but fail – to play as center forwards with a dozen less springs in their curriculum. A cross from Inter’s “most improved”, Federico Dimarco, and a goring from the number 9 that ignores the laws of time and age.

    One of a kind

    And it would be a huge mistake to reduce Edin’s deeds to the excessive power shown on the occasion of the goal, from the counter-movement that sends Amir Rrahmani butterflies to the power with which he strikes Alex Meret with a header. With him on the field, the team lights up, his teammates cling to him and the coach consequently begins to evaluate who is left out between Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, destined to duet on the field since the return of the Belgian and now happily accompanied by a 36-year-old sly who speaks little and works a lot. If the Bull has recently returned from Argentina and Big Rome he is still on the road to his best form, the wait is splendidly occupied by Dzeko. To give an idea of ​​his greatness: he is 20 goals in Serie A with Inter since he arrived, while all the other goals produced in the league by over 35 players in the club’s history are only 19.

    The words

    Dzeko’s pitchside interview begins with the bravado of those who hear the fans’ chants ringing in their ears. And comment on the buzz from the crowd that was heard when he collapsed on the ground before the substitution. “It fits (laughs, ed). The pitch was heavy and I was tired, I had cramps”. Have no fear, Inter fans: “We were on the pitch for the three points against a team that has played outstanding football so far. They dribble very well and we saw it again today, but we said to each other that we mustn’t lose our lucidity and it’s essential to stay compact”. The mission was successful, with the gap in the standings reduced to 8 points. The secret? “Always working, because without work it’s not going anywhere. I know personally that I am 36 years old and I am aware that this is the only way I can go where I want. Physically we’re not all at our best yet, it was the first game after the break”. However, the contract is expiring and the extension will be discussed when the winter transfer market is closed: “Until when can I stay? Until I make a difference…”.