Dutch justice in contact with Dubai about arrest of Quincy Promes

There is contact between the Netherlands and Dubai about the arrest of Amsterdammer and former Ajax player Quincy Promes. A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service confirms that discussions have taken place, but cannot yet say whether an official extradition request has been made.

Justice contacted Dubai because Promes was arrested there for a “local offense”, according to the Public Prosecution Service. This would concern a traffic accident in which Promes allegedly continued driving. Promes, who plays for the Russian Spartak Moscow, has been sentenced to six years in prison in the Netherlands for drug trafficking. He also had to spend 1.5 years in jail for stabbing a cousin in the knee.

The Netherlands does not have an extradition treaty with Russia, but it does have an agreement with the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai. Promes was at a training camp there, but was unable to leave the country because of the traffic violation, Russian media report.

There may therefore be opportunities for the judiciary in the Netherlands to have Promes extradited. But it is not yet clear whether this will also result in an official request.