In Peru, not only a skull, but now also a complete skeleton has been found in the region where the Belgian tourist Natacha de Crombrugghe has disappeared. That’s what her parents say. The remains have been transferred to the city of Arequipa for further investigation, but it is still far from clear whether it concerns the Belgian tourist.

    The 28-year-old woman from Brussels disappeared on January 24 after she allegedly left a hostel in the village of Cabanaconde for a trek through the Colca Canyon, a deep, expansive gorge in the south of the country. She left a backpack in her hotel room.

    Earlier this week, it was reported that fishermen in Huambo district had found a skull. The Peruvian press made the link with the missing Natacha de Crombrugghe and reported that it was possible that the remains belonged to the missing tourist. The girl’s parents doubted that. According to them, it was an ancient skull that was macabre combined with bones made of oars or wood.

    Skeleton under the rocks

    More clarity about the find came on Friday. When the skull in question was recovered, it turned out that it was lying between some rocks. On top of those rocks were some pieces of wood that may have washed up there, giving the appearance of a partial skeleton. However, the skeleton that belonged to the skull was found under the rocks.

    All the remains have now been recovered and transferred to the city of Arequipa, where they will undergo an autopsy and DNA test.

    According to Natacha de Crombrugghe’s parents, there are currently no elements that allow it to be said with certainty whether the body found belongs to their daughter or not.

    The federal prosecutor’s office is not commenting on the find for the time being.

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