Dune Part Two: plot, review, cast, how long it lasts, Timothée

Done part two It’s a great show that leaves you very satisfied. With the minimalist eye that thanks for the effort in purity, from the desert to water like that of an Alpine spring extracted from the bodies of enemies. And the diet Weight Watchers by Denis Villeneuvedescribed by the director in an interview a few days ago with Variety in which he distinguishes between visual values ​​and dialogue: «I don’t remember films for a good joke, I remember them for a strong image». Now, apart from implicitly indicating that he doesn’t vote for the talkative at the Oscars Anatomy of a fallthe statement is nothing new.

“Dune 2”, Timothée Chalamet: environment and clash of civilisations, a film about today

As in the first chapter of Dunesand first in Blade Runner 2049, the director’s work is still all about images. The ride of the sandworms (but we don’t understand how to get off once we get on), the brain-shaped harvesters, the Nazi-like crowd rallies in ’38the bolidist architectures, they are powerfully cinematic scenes.

But also kind, very well organized and generally devoid of a fundamental epic impact, often the sum of shots and the character of the characters. Here all in one piece, proud and with incinerating or trembling looks, slimy with sewage or shiny like marble, never with the delight of a sharp tongue.

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in “Dune – Part Two”. (Warner Bros.)

Therefore expect to feel something like «Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope»something that in 50 years he will describe the mythology of the film without vulgarly resorting to the title, it doesn’t make much sense in front of this spectacle of pure vision. However, it is quite disturbing to see how the deployment of Villeneuve resemble that of an artificial intelligence.

Dune Part Twothe plot

The film is based on second and third part of the first volume of the saga Frank Herbert (Muad’Dib and The Prophet). Paul Atreides (Timothèe Chalamet) and his mother Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) they are guests in the refuge of the Sietch Tabr of the Freman, the population who lives hidden among the rocks of Arrakis.

The year is 10,191, and with the Fremen mother and son begin to plan revenge against the Harkonnen house. Authors, in an alliance between the baron Vladimir (Stellan Skarsgård) e Emperor Shaddam IV (Christopher Walken) of the destruction and kidnapping of the Atreides to take over the spice trade of Arrakis.

Together with the leader Stilgar (Bardem) and Chani (Zendaya), Paul begins training in life and warfare in the desert. Stilgar considers him the messiah Mahdi – also that Kwisatz Haderach desired by the Bene Gesserit sisters (which includes Lady Jessica), Chani, however, is doubtful. He is therefore subjected to various tests, such as that of “taming” a sandworm, as well as participating in ambushes against Harkonnen harvesters and occasional pirates (coming out from under the sand as if underwater with a snorkel). One of these mercenaries is weapons master Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin).

Austin Butler and Léa Seydoux in “Dune – Part Two”. (Warner Bros.)

Meanwhile, Jessica discovers that she is pregnant with a baby girl. Paul immediately manages to communicate with her, apologizing among other things for having her born in a world of war. While in a flash forward she is played in a flash by Anya Taylor-Joy.

Sabotage continuous pushes the baron to entrust the definitive destruction of the Fremen to his sadistic nephew Feyd-Rautha (Austin Butler, bald and milky white like all Harkonnens in the role of Sting in Lynch’s film). Meanwhile, rites, visions and internal and external discussions about the future of prophet Paul follow one another. With his mother – a very ferocious Ferguson, wonderful villain – who, already knowing his destiny, pushes him to pay attention to his choices.

The showdown occurs in an epic final war. A clash that understands also the duel between Paul and Feyd-Rautha (in the meantime he got rid of Beast Rabban – Dave Bautista). Fought in front of rebels and the Harkonnen family, including the emperor. And his daughter, Princess Irulan, daughter of the emperor (Florence Pugh), already seen at the beginning of the film and Chani’s unknowing rival.

Zendaya becomes a robot: the futuristic look at the world premiere of

Zendaya becomes a robot: the futuristic look at the world premiere of

Two hours and 46 minutes that you don’t feel

All this stuff, the double/triple names every person has on Arrakis – Paul is also Muad’Dib (the name of the desert mouse and that of a constellation known as She Who Shows the Way) and Usul (the force at the base of the pillar)the prophecies, the water of life, the fabulous canopy robes and the hieroglyphics, Villeneuve has the merit of managing it like supermarkets do with the goods on the shelves. In a practical way. A scene of introspection, a battle, a black and white Harkonnen scene.

You may not understand someone’s name, but it’s difficult to grope in the dark. Slow but not tedious, the film (2 hours and 46 minutes) in fact thinks in broad movements and with the aesthetics of the alignment and the teams. The battle “worms against emperor” is exemplaryframed from above it seems a board game with a marble in the center.

Uniforms and technology are alien but understandable. Horror and anxieties of manageable sensations. Everyone hugs each other, everything has an affectionate care for the effect and the excellence of the refined installation.

Dune part two but it is also one very serious matter proclaimed with peremptoriness and gravitas, overlapping at will with ecological, political, humanitarian and millennial current affairs. If it weren’t for Javer Bardem and (much more) for Zendaya with human eyes, alert, fearful and adoring fixed on Chalamet, messiah yes or no, it would however be difficult to see a shred of passion in this wonderfully choreographed metaphysical solemnity.

Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler in “Dune – Part Two”. (Warner Bros.)

Timothée Chalamet introverted Atreides

The one who particularly enjoys and suffers from it, given the main role, it is Timothèe. Crushed by perplexity and by mother Jessica, a walking oracle, the young actor (now approaching 29 years old) throws himself into the feverish interpretation how evanescent of an introvert. Glorified by silhouette in which the beloved weeping willow physicality stands out regal on the horizonabout explosions, about the crowd to incite.

Thus diluted in a soup of images, it’s hard to sympathize with him, to understand him. More than the others it is the protagonist, like all the others it seems an element equivalent to decoration.

It is also ambiguous the love story between him and Chani, placed among the promotional launches of the film and an important focus of the story. Obviously a sexual relationship was not expected, but the two exchange a kiss and some effusions at a speed that not even Tom Cruise’s flash relationship with Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick.

And it’s again Zendaya made us understand – with her looks – all the implications of this eventwhile the male with the nicer haircut than his is there suspended between messiah, seer, warrior, conqueror: what to choose, for whom to sacrifice?

A mystical blockbuster with classy palettes

With the Dune Part Two we’re back to talking about the infamous David Lynch’s film, a renegade object and storehouse of infinite curiosities released in 1984. And the more the distance becomes enormous and the nostalgia becomes more pressing – videos entitled have appeared online “Denis couldn’t do this”, with “this” which stands for virtuous director solution – the clearer it is how Villeneuve’s street is effectively contemporary.

The mystical blockbuster with classy color palette (also close to that of Oppenheimer and of Killers of a Flower Moon) speaks better of the desperate times we live in. Better than Marvel in intensive care and other superheroes with colds. Speak to those looking for adult and message toyswith a cast that includes five young Hollywood stars used like Soderbergh he used the best of then in Ocean’s Eleven.

Speak to those who hate capes and intrigues those who science fiction – gender that was suffering – It’s fine as long as it’s not too bizarre. Maybe something close to a fashion show, including graphic scenography. And, except for Pugh’s decidedly shabby daytime fishnet hat, Jacqueline West’s costumes could actually be designed by Rick Owens or Alexander Mcqueen.

Sacral and waterproof, they tell of often dictatorial psychologies in a universe of solitude greed. In which even good people struggle to verbalize a thought that is not a parable: quiet luxury icons of savings, of the economy in view of the objective.

It is the film’s true contribution to cinema, a Renaissance tapestry of fixed identities. Is it a strong image? Yes, but thank goodness there are Hubert’s books to listen to the voices of bodies.

Florence Puch in “Dune – Part Two”. (Warner Bros.)

The cast

Timothée Chalamet plays Paul Atreides as in the first part of the film (he will soon be Bob Dylan in a biopic on the singer. Zendaya is Chani, Fremen warrior (she has the next film by Luca Guadagnino coming out, Challengers). Rebecca Ferguson It’s Paul’s mother, Lady Jessica.

Javier Bardem is the unofficial leader of the Fremen, Stilgar. Léa Seydoux stars Lady Margot Fenringa character from the Bene Gesserit congregation and wife of Count Hasimir Fenring, friend of Emperor Shaddam IV.

They are also in the cast Josh Brolin, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Dave Bautista, Christopher Walken, Souheila Yacoub, Stellan Skarsgård and Charlotte Rampling.