Duchess Catherine’s representation in the style of Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry

Duchess Catherine finished her outfit with earrings, which have also been seen worn by the queen.

The Duchess Catherine represented her in a glittering green evening gown. AOP

Duchess Catherine, 40, has charmed Belize on her way to gorgeous outfits. A dinner over the Duchess on Wednesday featured an outfit detailing earrings borrowed from Queen Elizabeth, 95. Indeed, Catherine and Prince William, 39, are now traveling in the Caribbean to celebrate the Queen’s platinum year.

Catherine was seen above in a glittering green evening gown and the hair of the Duchess was tied to an elegant bun. Catherine’s evening gown was also marked with a badge of honor and a badge of honor of the royal family.

Badges were also affixed to the Duchess’s evening gown. AOP

Large earrings adorned with green stones hung in Catherine’s ears.

Catherine chose the earrings borrowed from Queen Elizabeth as part of the outfit. AOP

Queen Elizabeth last wore the same jewelry in 2011 when she visited Winfield House in London, visiting the U.S. ambassador. At that time, the Queen also met Barack and Michelle Obama.

The queen has also represented the same jewelry worn in the past. Shutterstock, AOP

Source: People, Hello! Magazine