Drizzling rain does not bother participants New Year’s dive in recreational lake near Hoogeveen

New Year’s dive in Nijstad recreational lake near Hoogeveen Photo: Gerrit Boer Photography

The many dozens of participants in the New Year’s dive in the Nijstad recreational lake near Hoogeveen were often a bit wet before they entered the water due to the drizzle. But that didn’t spoil the fun. “Soberingly delicious,” said a man wearing a Unox hat.

Yet for most of the tough guys, it was an ultra-short stay in the lake. Most of them went in and out of the water screaming and shouting. “Well, on to the pea soup and a warm sweater,” shivered one participant.

The organization of the New Year’s dive was in the hands of Stoer Nijstad, in collaboration with Paviljoen Nijstad. In addition to the dive, there was a New Year’s run.