Drenthe VVD urges nationwide to scrap ‘impracticable calendar agriculture’

Outgoing deputy Henk Brink will submit a motion on behalf of VVD Drenthe during the VVD congress on Saturday. This motion states that the Drenthe liberals want to get rid of so-called calendar agriculture.

Calendar agriculture means that some products must be removed from the land as of October 1, due to nitrate. Farmers previously indicated that it is unworkable, because ‘you cannot plan nature’.

“Calendar agriculture is dead in the pot”, says VVD member Henk Brink, who is also a farmer himself. “Potatoes aren’t ripe yet. You can’t harvest unripe potatoes, but if you haven’t harvested, your nitrogen emissions will be cut.”

Former Member of Parliament Johan Moes is submitting the motion and Brink will explain it during the congress. “I hope it will at least bring up the discussion,” said Brink. “Calendar farming is practically impracticable.”