Drenthe/Groningen athlete Andrea Deelstra quits top sport after failed Olympic limit attempt during Seville Marathon

The Drenthe/Groningen athlete Andrea Deelstra has put an end to her impressive athletics career. She did this on Sunday after her retirement during the Seville marathon.

The 38-year-old Deelstra wanted to run the limit there for the Olympic marathon in Paris. The athlete, born in Niebert but raised in Dwingeloo, experienced too much physical discomfort. As a result, she had to leave the match in Seville early. Jill Holterman, who also went for the limit in Spain, also left prematurely.

Holterman and Deelstra both previously participated in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, but finished at the back in scorching Sapporo. Deelstra also ran the marathon at the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016. There she was also overcome by the heat and finished sixtieth.

Andrea Deelstra can no longer maintain the high pace

Deelstra gave up the marathon in Seville after about fifty minutes. She could no longer maintain the high pace and saw the tight limit time of 2.26.50 disappear from view. The Drenthe native actually wanted to end her sporting career on the highest podium in Paris, but is now doing so immediately. She was suffering again from an old injury, which was bothering her too much.