Doutzen Kroes gets hit by Natacha Harlequin: ‘Unbelievable’

Doutzen Kroes has quietly started working again as a model for Victoria’s Secret and, according to Natacha Harlequin, that makes her an incredible woman. “It can’t be trusted!”

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Suddenly she’s participating in one again campaign from Victoria’s Secret: top model Doutzen Kroes. And yet a few years ago she indicated that she no longer felt comfortable with modeling. She exclaimed that her work contributed to ‘corruption‘ and indicated that from now on he wanted to ‘only be pure’. “You do one corrupt thing after another.”


And now Doutzen has happily resumed her modeling work. Apparently the wallet became empty. “It’s a bit of a contrast to what she has posted in recent years, that she wanted to keep herself far away from it,” notes presenter Dyantha Brooks at the desk of Show news.

Natacha Harlequin, criminal lawyer and gossipmonger, finds it disappointing. “The result is that I no longer believe her as a model. I think she is beautiful, I think she is one of the most beautiful models of recent times.”

Fake world

Dyantha wants to know more about that. “What do you no longer believe?”

Natacha answers: “I don’t believe you said not even three years ago or in 2020: ‘I’m really done with this fake world, I don’t want to live like this anymore, I just want to be at home with my family in Friesland.’ Well, I completely understand that. Then go live that life!”


Dyantha gives Doutzen the benefit of the doubt. “Could it be that a lot has changed in recent years? That, for example, Victoria’s Secret has said that they deal much better with the models and that Doutzen wants to be the face again?”

Natacha: “Yes, but I still found her words in 2020 so real, so resolute, but also really sincere, that I believe those words.”

Don’t build on it

Colleague Ronald Molendijk then notes that types like Doutzen cannot be trusted anyway. “So you’re actually saying that models and people in politics are somewhat the same. You just shouldn’t believe them.”

He concludes: “It cannot be trusted and you should not rely on it.”