Double rainbow throughout the province: these are the most beautiful photos

Anyone who looked outside between half past seven and eight o’clock on Thursday morning was treated to a beautiful phenomenon. A double rainbow shone above various places spread across our province. And according to the Weerplaza meteorologist, the latter is special. Fortunately, he also knows exactly why that happens.

People saw the double rainbow on Thursday morning in Tilburg, Eindhoven, Drunen, Reusel and Schaijk, among others. According to Jeroen Elferink of Weerplaza, it is not often that this phenomenon can be seen in so many places at the same time. “You often see a rainbow when there are smaller showers, which is usually very local. The fact that it was now visible in a large part of the province is special,” says the weatherman.

According to Elferink, this is because a large area of ​​rain is entering our province this morning on the one hand, while there is a large area of ​​clear skies on the other side. “In the east, where there are clear skies, the sun is shining. And during the rise this morning the sun shone low under the cloud cover. That is why the rainbow could be seen in such a large area.”

Many Brabanders saw the rainbow in a perfect semicircle. But according to Elferink, a rainbow is actually even bigger. “It’s actually always perfectly round. But we don’t see that because we’re on the ground. So we can only see a semi-circle. But when you’re on the plane, for example, you can see a completely round rainbow.”

Did you miss the rainbow this morning? We have listed the most beautiful photos for you: