Don’t spoil the shrimp by defrosting them incorrectly

Prawns melt quickly. But how should defrosting be done?

At their fastest, the shrimps thaw in a few minutes. Adobe Stock / AOP

Shrimp is really easy to prepare. It only requires thawing. You can even add a bag of frozen shrimp to the soup. Cooking can’t get any easier than that.

However, properly defrosting the shrimp can cause a bit of a headache. The shrimp can be thawed quickly or slowly if necessary, but the thawing must be done correctly.

The most important rule is that the shrimp must not cook during thawing, therefore micro thawing is strictly prohibited. And shrimps should not be thawed under hot water either.

– Shrimps are best digested when they are rinsed with cold water for two minutes, says the shrimp marketer at the Norwegian shrimp company Stella Polaris. Riikka Holopainen.

This is how crabs should be boiled. Stella Polaris

Although the crayfish can be thawed quickly or slowly, one important step must be remembered in either method: the crayfish must be removed from the bag.

Put the frozen crayfish in a strainer and under cold water or in a strainer in a bowl and put the lid on in the refrigerator or at room temperature. However, do not leave the crabs in the freezer bag to thaw, because then the liquids will not drain away.

Holopainen reminds that crabs do not need to be heated in order to eat them. After ordering, the crabs are frozen on board. At the factory, they are thawed, cooked, peeled and frozen again. After ordering, the shrimp are quickly frozen within a few hours.

Shrimps at the Stella Polaris factory shortly before they are frozen. Mari Moilanen